We had the chance to catch up with Jaake from Get Married, read below to see what we chatted about!

WNZ: Your album ‘Songs for the Sleepless’ just dropped. What was the inspiration for the album?
Lyrically the album deals with wading though life on no sleep, and the day to day humdrum of falling in love, going to work, and doing all the shit everyone does every day, but while being immensely sleep deprived.

WNZ: What was the writing process like for the album?
Usually I’ll (Jaake) write the lyrics and have some simple chords and a melody and I’ll bring it in where the rest of the band will flesh it out into a complex song.

WNZ: For people who’ve never heard of Get Married, why should they check out the album?
I think because we work really hard to do something a little different!

Before the album dropped, you made a music video for your song ‘Living Room’. What was it like to make this video? What inspired the off-the wall quirky concept?
We had our amazingly talented friend Tommy Calderon from Bellingham, WA come down to San Jose, CA and spend a week with us filming our two videos. We mostly just spent the week hanging out and being silly with friends and I think it comes across in the video. The idea came from the lyrical content from the song. It deals a lot with isolation and we wanted to create a manifestation of loneliness to represent the lyrics. Tying in with a lot of our artwork, we came to the conclusion that astronauts represent loneliness and isolation pretty well.

WNZ: What is it like touring with Tiny Stills?
It’s fun! It’s our second tour with them and it’s been a really cool experience.

WNZ: What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t touring?
Really, our whole worlds revolve around this. We all just like to relax when we can, because we don’t really live in a society where that’s possible. When we aren’t on tour we’re planning the next move.

WNZ: What goals do you hope to accomplish during the second half of the year?
Get this record heard by as many people as possible!

WNZ: Where can fans catch Get Married next? What is going on for you after the tour is over?
We have a bunch of slightly local shows coming up when we get home, the wiretap anniversary show at the end of September, a show with Daggermouth at Gilman the weekend before the wiretap show, and a few other things in our back pocket!


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