We had the chance to chat with Greg Holden about his new single, tour, and messages through his music. Check out what he had to say below!

WNZ: You just released a new single “The Power Shift.” How has the reception been so far?
So far so good. People seem to be into it, which I am always eternally grateful for.

WNZ: The track was self-produced. Can you tell us a little bit about that? How was that experience, producing your own single?
It was a little intimidating if I’m honest. I’ve always produced my songs as I’ve written them, but never with the intention of people actually hearing them, and especially with the idea of releasing them. So, naturally, I suffered from insane insecurity and anxiety throughout the entire process. I also played every instrument, which was probably a terrible idea, but that’s just a force of habit and if I’m being completely candid, total laziness on my part. But, now that it’s out, it feels pretty liberating and I’m excited to release more self-produced music.

WNZ: Are you working on any other new music? Can you tell us anything about it?
I have a new single coming out in October, also self-produced. It has more of a positive message than my latest release, so there’s that. I won’t give too much away. I’m also hoping to release a full-length record before the end of the year, if I can get my shit together.

WNZ: What’s your writing and recording process like? Can you walk us through it?
It’s always evolving. These days it’s a lot less sitting down with the acoustic guitar and seeing what comes out, and more so sitting at my computer, building the music first then adding lyrics to whatever soundscape I’ve created. It feels more inspiring that way, as I’ve been writing songs on acoustic guitar for nearly 20 years. There are only so many chords, but there are endless sounds available digitally.

WNZ: Who are some of your musical influences? Do you feel like they translate to your own music?
Old: Dylan, Petty, Springsteen.
New: Brandon Flowers, The 1975, One Republic/Ryan Tedder.
I absolutely think they all translate in my own music.

WNZ: You talk about some very important topics in your recent single, such as equality and fair treatment for all. How important is it for you to get these important messages out through your music?
It’s the reason I do it. It certainly isn’t the money, and I don’t really feel that inspired by typical love songs. The Beatles did it best and I don’t think I can do it better, so I’d rather write about something that inspires me. For better or for worse, I’m inspired by some deeply sad shit.

WNZ: What are some other important themes and messages that you’d like your listeners to take away from your music? Do you plan on tackling any more of these topics in your new music?
Perhaps a little compassion, empathy, and even self-reflection? That’s probably a delusional expectation, but whatever. The next release is pretty set in terms of songs, and is a lot more focused on my own issues this time around. I needed to deal with them. However, I usually ping-pong around on subjects.

WNZ: You’re headed out on tour with Butch Walker in September. How excited are you to tour with him? What are you just looking forward to?
Incredibly excited, he’s a good friend and a total fucking badass so I’m excited to learn from him. His band and I all used to play together back in the New York days too, so it’s going to be a total riot. I’m actually flying right to my wedding after the tour ends, so the month of September is going to be one huge bachelor party for me.

WNZ: You played some solo shows in Europe. Do you plan to do any solo shows anywhere else? Where can fans look forward to possibly seeing you?
Well, I’m playing solo on the Butch tour too, so if your readers are in America, come see. I’m also going to South America with my buddy Joshua Radin in December, and will be playing on my lonesome there too.

WNZ: Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans?
Keep buying vinyl!


Check out Greg’s upcoming tour dates, new releases, and more here!


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