We got the chance to catch up with Kailynn from Tiny Stills. Keep reading to see what we talked about below!

WNZ: You released Laughing Into the Void earlier this year. What was it like to make this album?
I love the process of recording so it was really cathartic to finally get these songs recorded. Andy Freeman produced “Colorblind” and “La la” and it was great working with someone new for those tunes, but ultimately some scheduling conflicts lead to me self producing the rest of the record. Working with my husband Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack) in the studio for the first time was really great, too. I have a lot of respect for him as a musician, and he really pushed me to do the rest of the record on my own. I trust his musical intuition and knowing he believed in me really pushed me to do it. In between grocery lists, cleaning the apartment, and living our lives it’s easy to forget what an amazing and talented musician he is, but he really inspires me. He’s a fantastic drummer and watching him work was amazing. Sara Watkins played violin on “My Skin” and it was a real honor to have her on the record, too. She was totally in her element and commanded the session- a total inspiration to watch. There were a lot of crazy milestones making this record and I got to work with some really talented people.

WNZ: What has the fan response been to the album? Is it everything you expected?
It’s way better than I ever could have anticipated.  I’ve been on tour for the past few weeks and people show up and sing the words. It’s a dream come true. Making this record and knowing that it means something to someone is everything. That anyone would drive 6 hours to come to a show is mind blowing to me. I’m honored.

WNZ: How does way your second record differ from the first?
This record is much punchier, more rock influenced. I wanted it to be aggressive and bigger than the first record. I wanted to be bolder. I already want to go more aggressive and even bigger.

WNZ: How did a tour with Get Married come together?
We did a tour together in spring 2018 where I opened just me on an acoustic guitar. One night in Olympia, Washington at our friend Jay Levy’s house, me and Jaake (the singer of Get Married) stayed up late in the kitchen talking about how we wanted this tour to keep going and wanted to do a full US. I had played keys for What’s Eating Gilbert, another doo-wop influenced rock band as well as A.W. so I said I’d fill in on keys and Jaake said that Get Married should be Tiny Stills’ backing band. The next day everyone was into it so we started planning. It felt like we were just some kids with big dreams working together to take over the world. Both of these projects are full of passionate, hard working, motivated musicians and it was inspiring to connect with them on that tour so that we could plan this one. I really love them.

WNZ: What has been the most rewarding part of the tour?
Seeing people sing the words. That’s insane. Yesterday people chanted for one more song. That’s an insane feeling too.

WNZ: What is it like touring with Get Married?
They’re great. There are 8 seats in the van. There are 7 of us. I’m always sitting VERY close to them. Dylan and Randy are brothers and it’s really great watching them perform every night and now they connect with each other. Kayla is a great bassist and really easy to tour with and is a damn delight every day. Tarif is quiet and smiling constantly. Jaake is the band dad. They’re all good people.

WNZ: What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue music?
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t be. My current battle is that whenever I’m on tour everyone assumes I’m someone’s girlfriend when we’re loading in. Just go up there, do your thing even better than the night before. Don’t get discouraged. Be resilient- not for them, but for yourself.

WNZ: After this tour, what can fans expect from Tiny Stills?
We are touring the east coast in the fall of 2018 on our way down to FEST in Gainesville. We are really excited about playing that festival. I’d love to open a show on a package tour as well- like I’d REALLY love that. I keep finding other awesome artists I’d love to play with like Bad Bad Hats, Jetty Bones, Nervous Dater, Sincere Engineer, Tancred and Alex Lahey. Im putting it out into the universe. That’s my dream. I want to play with all of them. More touring, more music, more friends, another record, maybe a split with another artist. I have a good feeling about 2019.


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