Words by Casey Wolfe

Ocala, Florida  metalcore band Wage War joined Vans Warped Tour on its last ever run. While Warped Tour may be over for good, there are still plenty of opportunities on the horizon for Wage War. The band released their latest album, Deadweight this past year and the reception has been “overwhelmingly good,” according to bassist Chris Gaylord, and they have no intentions of slowing down.

“Literally the day we finished Deadweight we already had song ideas for record three,” said Gaylord. The band acts when inspiration strikes, even on the road. “It’s not like, music first and then vocals or vocals first and then lyrics. It’s kind of whatever comes first and then let’s see where we can go from there.”

The best part of Warped Tour for Wage War has been seeing the growth of the band, the tour and the overall fan base. The greatest feeling, according to Gaylord, is “just seeing the difference, playing the same tour, the same stage, the size of the crowd and the energy you feel.”

While Warped Tour is a long journey for all of the bands involved, Wage War explained that they “just take it one day at a time,” said Drummer Stephen Kluesener. They keep busy hanging out with other bands and relaxing any way they can.

Fans can expect to see Wage War back on tour again shortly after Warped Tour’s last run. “We will be on the road again during the year,” said Gaylord. Until then, the band encourages fans to listen to their new record, Deadweight, and continue listening to new bands. As for Warped Tour, Kluesener said, “Some of the best memories are created here so bring Mom, bring the squad.”

“Come enjoy it one last time,” added Gaylord. “Thank you to our fans because you guys are the reason that we’re here.”


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