Doc Rotten

Sick and Suffering


Review By Emily Klingman

Full of spitfire energy, punk band Doc Rotten’s sophomore EP, Sick
and Suffering is a one that zips right through listeners. All of the tracks
come in and pack their punch at a rapid fire rate. Combined with nostalgia and
homage to classic and modern punk influences, Sick and Suffering brings
it all with their five tracks.

Hardly taking a breath, Doc Rotten takes off at full speed with
the opening track “Gates.” Fast and frantic, the track is the shortest on the
EP. Yet despite its brief time, its punchy and punk lovers will immediately
catch the sound combination of The Clash, Green Day and an element entirely
unique to Doc Rotten. “Federation” comes in the middle of the EP and feels a
bit like a stumble for the band. There’s less of a stimulating feeling, an
energy in the first couple tracks is missing. Yet there is still an interesting
dynamic to the track, where it shifts between sounds and tones midway through.

The title track, “Sick and Suffering” has the most mellow intro
of all the tracks. Overall it sounds the similar to their classic punk
influences, and the track also has the most melodic structure on the EP. The
hook is memorable and the track’s structure doesn’t take away from the
emotional depth under the surface of the track.

In general I really
enjoyed Doc Rotten’s EP. It was a fresh take on the punk genre today, while
still borrowing so much from its classic and more modern influences. The punchy
tracks and speedy energy keeps things moving for listeners, as they
breathlessly rage to Sick and Suffering.

Rating: 4/5

Top Tracks: “Last Chance,” “Sick and Suffering”


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