Ghost Town

In the Flesh


Review by Casey Wolfe

Rock/electronic band, Ghost Town dropped a surprise EP on June 29, In the Flesh. While it’s an unexpected move, it won’t be unwelcomed. Ghost Town takes no time to introduce their specific genre which is completely unique to the band. The EP begins with “Don’t Leave,” showcasing just how well the two genres of rock and electronic music can come together if done right. It’s slow, but fueled by an intensity rarely found in rock bands.

Continuing with powerful tracks, next on the EP is “Hell.” Lyrics like, “Watch you burn into the ground, hope your conscience saves you now, I won’t be a part of this,” add to the drama of the already heavily charged song.

“Attic” opens with more of an electronic side, but gently sprinkles in a heavier sound as the song progresses. This song has the ability to be accepted at both a pop music show and an underground rock venue. It’s versatile and seamless.

Following is a song that contradicts the upbeat electronic sound with dark vocals and lyrics that convey heavy emotion. “Rockstar Killer” is a slower track, but every bit as loud and strong as the last few.

Last on the EP is “Modern Tragedy.” It ends In the Flesh on a high note, with more electronic sounds than rock up until the chorus. However, the quality of the lyrics is not sacrificed. “This is who I am, nobody said you had to like it, this is who I am, a modern tragedy,” is unapologetic and real. It’s definitely the most memorable way to end the EP.

Ghost Town’s latest EP surprises listeners not only with its sudden release, but with the emotional, heartfelt energy put into each track. If a band is going to drop a surprise album, this is the way to do it. In the Flesh has an intensity that listeners will not expect, but be thrilled to hear.

Top tracks: “Hell,” “Modern Tragedy”

Rating 4/5


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