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Review by Casey Wolfe

Electronic hip hop artist Lil Aaron recently released his latest album, ROCK$TAR FAMOU$, a unique piece of work full of notable tracks and guest artist. The album starts strong with “QUIT,” with Travis Barker, a track with an immediately catchy and infectious melody with just the right electronic effects to enhance it. It’s the perfect song to reel listeners in to the rest of the album.

The album transitions into “4 LIFE,” an anthem about doing what you want and disregarding everything else. Its mellow beat and slow rhythm make it a great track for a summer day out with friends.

“STUNT” is more of a generic hip hop track, sounding similar to some of hip hop artist, Drake’s hits. It has a similar slow and smooth style, referencing popular topics in the genre like money and women. It is different enough to stand out in the genre, however, especially with the electronic effects put on the vocals.

Title track, “ROCK$TAR FAMOU$” picks the energy right back up while remaining consistent with the genre of the album. It’s another track that will get stuck in listeners’ heads in an instant. It’s the title track for a few reasons. The title itself will grab attention, the theme of fame and what it comes with is a common one among the alternative/hip-hop genre, and the track features female rapper, Rico Nasty, which adds a lot of variety to the album as a whole.

Finishing off the album is “ANYMORE” featuring Kim Petras, whose clear and sweet sounding vocals really give the track something special. That variety makes this track one of the best on the album.

Lil Aaron put together an album with a wide variety of music and artists while still keeping up a signature sound. He also brought in enough guest artists to add diversity to the work that would not have otherwise been present. Simply put, ROCK$TAR FAMOU$ is a unique album from a unique artist.

Top Tracks: “4 LIFE,” “ROCK$TAR FAMOU$,” “QUIT”

Rating: 2.5/5


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