Reggie and the Full Effect



Review By Layne Edwards

Reggie really is the Full Effect. In fact he is all of the effects. At once. James Dewees, of The Get Up Kids, conjured up this collision of sounds in 1998 as a pass time joke that continues on to this day. Seven full length albums, and plenty more witty attempts, has landed us with his newest release, 41. The album opens with an ominous chorus of deep chanting that crawls right into your ear and down your spine, only to be jolted into chaos with the following track. If Dewees believes in transition then it is of another definition.

Just when you start to feel like you’re on the roller coaster that never ends, the cart slows down, and a synthetic melody charms you into continuing forward with the ride. And its worth it. In my opinion the pearl in this ugly clam, “Alone Again,” brings the nostalgic emo punk vibes back to life that were previously shoved in our faces on the second opening track. A second set of vocals, that ghost those of Brendon Urie, will have you listening to this track until that final head bang turns into whiplash. The next few songs lean into their 80s synths tracks with dancy melodies that crash with Dewees’ harsh punk rock vocals. This album does what the Reggie And The Full Effect has always intended to do. Keep you moving just a little on edge and completely off beat.

Rating: 3/5


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